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We are Media 1 Productions Inc.

Gary Sears


Founder & CEO

M1P Logo Shield_horizontal_new_Inc (1).png

Media 1 Productions Inc. is a full-service media production and events company based in Albany, NY, USA, with satellite offices in California and Texas. With over 30 years of industry experience, we have the knowledge and technology to continually satisfy our clients' needs. From east coast to west coast, to Europe and covering the world beyond, M1P has a global reach that stretches far beyond our backyard. 

Corporate events and meetings, ENG field shoots, Breaking News coverage, to live events and much more. From capturing pressing stories, to the best moments of your event, M1P has you covered, start to finish. 


You have a strategy. You want to communicate an idea. You want your message to be conveyed properly. Let us help you do so, the right way.  

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